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'open events'
attending NotaClub's 'open' events is the ONLY
way anyone can
(initially) get to meet
the NotaClub Social Community.

They can be found on our
'over 40's social community'

calendar HERE
__________ and __________
everyone's invited to come to
as many 'open' events as they like.

Probably the best 'open' event to
attend first is our regular Wednesday
'Ultimate Social Event' for
good fun and good 'socialising'.

from 7 p.m. (sharp) at
The Racecourse Hotel
895 Dandenong Road, Malvern East
(just down from Caulfield Station)
Back to TOP Worried about the cost?
don't be!
Meals are priced from about only $15 upwards

but ...
...the event is so casual,

you don't have to spend ANYTHING as there's
no need to dine here if you prefer not to.
(every week sees loads of people who come
just for a 'socialise' - who spend nothing).

This event is about 'socialising' - not 'dining'

Worried about work the next day?

don't be!
... this is not a late night!

Most people have left by about 9:30 pm - even the
late-stayers have generally left before 10:00 pm

Anyway, this event is so un-structured you
can just leave whenever it suits you.

Worried about being 'out of place'?

don't be!

Every week there's loads of people visiting for
the first time - and because our group is so
large no-one really knows who they are.

Most people will likely think you're just
someone they've never met at an event before.

3 Tips on
how to get the most enjoyment
from the 'Ultimate Social event.'

Tip 1.
Don't be late - we start at 7:00 p.m.
we meet at the bar with a social 'mingle'.

This is the best and least confronting time to
just find the event host and join the group.

Making friends in this environment is easy.

Back to TOP During this period those people
who want to dine order their meals.

and as they're delivered
we gravitate into the 'Terrace Room' which is
reserved for, what now becomes, our 'private' event.

During this time there's no 'set' seating
and people are generally 'on the move'
once they've finished their meals.

--- >> This is NOT a good time to arrive <<---
--- >> if you're coming for the first time. <<---
Tip 2.
Come by yourself.

It's better you don't come with someone.

If you do you'll end up being with,
and talking to, that person all night
and you'll BOTH just
'close yourselves off'
to interraction with others by doing this.

Come by yourself and start making
some new friends of your own.

Once you've done that invite
friends to come and meet us
at other 'Ultimate Social Events'.

Tip 3.
Don't talk yourself out of coming!
We don't bite!
(well - most of us don't)

Every person who now participates
in our social community had to walk in
that door for the first time and say 'Hi'.

There's NO reason for not coming.

There's no need to 'book in' or notify
anyone in advance - just COME!

Then we can all get to see if we're
'each other's type of people'
in a casual environment.

Just look for the 'NotaClub' signs at the
rear of the Hotel and when you find us
simply ask the first person you meet in our
group to point out the NotaClub event 'host'.

... it's not important to the NotaClub community what 'age' your body is ... it's how 'young' your mind is that's more important ...
The next 'Ultimate Social Event' for
good fun and good socialising is on

Wednesday 17th February at 7:00 pm
at the Racecourse Hotel
895 Dandenong Road Malvern East.
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