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How to participate in our 'good fun and good socialising'
A relationship with the
Social Community
is NOT a 'spectator sport'.

does not actively seek new 'members'
(i.e. we don't try and 'talk people in to 'join' NotaClub)
because people who 'join' who have no intention of forming an active
 relationship with the NotaClub Social Community add no long-term value.

But ...

ALWAYS welcomes and ENCOURAGES new people
wish to join us and participate  in our many
'good fun and good socialising'  activities.


is NOT a 'CLUB' so has no 'members'.
IS a COMMUNITY of like-minded people
who actively
  PARTICIPATE   in it's many activities.
which are conceived, created and hosted
by members of it's community

for the purpose of 'good fun' and 'good socialising'

1. You can't be 'half'  a NotaClubber.
'Half' NotaClubbers are people who treat NotaClub
like a resource for their 'ad-hoc' amusement
and just occasionally come to events
when they've nothing better to do.

(NotaClub is not something you can just 'join', then
sit back and leave it to others to 'entertain' you.)

2. You can't 'stand outside NotaClub looking in'.
NotaClub attracts people who 'add' to our events by their
participation, communication, laughter and sense of fun -
who are generous with their contributions to our
good fun and good socialising activities,
not just come to be entertained by them,
then leave without anyone knowing they came.

(if everyone who 'joined' NotaClub did that,
then, ultimately, NotaClub would cease to exist.)
3. is NOT a 'SINGLES or 'DATING' group.
and we take exception to people who come
to our events with any agenda other than
good fun and good socialising'.
Start your relationship with NotaClub ... easy as A-B-C
This is the
of how to start your relationship
with NotaClub's community of 'socialisers'

Go to NotaClub's 'public' group on the 'Meetup' web site
The NotaClub 'online' social system(s)
(yes, just to confuse things, there are two)
NotaClub 'public'
NotaClub 'private'
are housed on the servers of a U.S. web-based
'social networking' system called 'Meetup'

While 'Meetup' likes to 'brand' groups that
use it's system as 'Meetup' groups.
NotaClub is NOT a 'Meetup Group' and PAYS
'Meetup' to use it's online 'social system'.

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NotaClub 'public'
can accommodate
people who wish a more
ad-hoc relationship
with NotaClub.

NotaClub 'Private'
has an expectation
of a higher level of
activity and participation.
Join NotaClub 'public' on Meetup and
come to things you find on it's online calendar.
To participate with NotaClub
you'll need a FREE 'Meetup' Account.
Click on THIS button to start one.
Start your FREE Meetup account HERE
Go to NotaClub 'public' and join it
-- OR --

Click on THIS button
Join in with NotaClub 'public' HERE
Go to NotaClub 'public' and join it.
You'll need a suitable ID picture
(you won't get far without one).

You'll NEED a PHOTO image
(a .jpg or .gif)
a bit like a passport photo which CLEARLY identifies you.
--- >>   NO sunglasses or 'distance' shots  < ---
--- >>   NO Hats or Sunglasses  < ---
--- >>   NO 'side' or 'alternative' images  < ---
--- >>   Only one person in the image  < ---
--- >>   NO 'in the shade' or 'vague' images  < ---
--- >>   NO exceptions  < ---


BIG on ID pics
If you don't want to post a picture of yourself
so we know what you look like - that's OK
but you've likely ALREADY identified that
we're NOT each other's 'type of people'.
You'll need to actually
come to some 'events' ...
Come to some of NotaClub Public's
'open' events (that anyone can come to).

You get to meet with us, we get to meet with you.
We all get to decide whether we're
'each other's type of people'
in a casual environment.

Wednesday nights are particularly good for
finding out about upcoming 'open' events that
may not be listed on the NotaClub 'public' calendar.

If you find out about an event you'd like to attend
ask the event host for an invite and
you're 'on your way' into NotaClub.

If you haven't done so already,
read about our open events HERE.

On the assumption, (ultimately),
we ALL decide we ARE 'each other's type of people'
and you decide you'd like to form an active relationship
with the NotaClub social community
in it's future activities
- you'll need to get a
 current 'NotaClubber'
to advise the NotaClub organiser.
Potential 'NotaClubbers'
need to demonstrate an
ability to mix and mingle
socially and a desire to be
'active' in the future and
ADD VALUE to our
'good fun and
good socialising'


Don't be too concerned
about this
- there's no rush.
Take as much time
as you need
to 'settle in'.
... so we can find out if we're 'each other's type of people' ...
  How to get 'IN' to NotaClub 'private'
(and you really DO ... it's where our
'private' events are posted)

Once we all agree you 'fit in'
(and you agree you WANT to
participate with NotaClub 'private')

you'll be provided with your own NotaClub account
which will allow you access to the NotaClub 'private'
website, it's member list, private calendar of events
and communications - and you're 'on your way'
to loads of 'good fun and good socialising'.

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If you're still undecided ... just come to some 'open' events anyway ...
The NotaClub
'Survival kit'
will help you
decide whether
NotaClub's 'for' you.
Read it HERE
If you're undecided about your participation
with the NotaClub social community...

... but would still like to come to our 'open' events,
that's OK by us - many people do just that  
- just come to any of our 'open' events - in particular
the 'Ultimate Social Event' any Wednesday night

- as often as you like -
and see what happens :-  
details HERE
The next 'Ultimate Social Event' for
good fun and good socialising is on

Wednesday 10th February at 7:00 pm
at the Racecourse Hotel
895 Dandenong Road Malvern East.
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